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To watch TV shows and movies offline at any time, download them from the Netflix app. Learn more about finding, downloading, and watching downloaded TV shows and movies below. To download from Netflix, you need the latest version of the Netflix app on one of these devices:.

Tap on any TV show or movie and look for the Downloads icon to see whether it can be downloaded, or filter by what is available for download. Not all titles are available for download. Open the Netflix app and tap Downloads.

On a device running Windows 10 or Windows 11, open the Netflix app and select Menu. From the description page, tap Download. For TV shows, Download will appear next to each available episode. Android users will also see a Download Season option to download all episodes in the selected season.

You can have up to active downloads at a time per device on as many devices included in your membership plan. You will need to download them again if you rejoin in the future. To make sure you always have access to your downloads, we recommend remaining signed in to the Netflix app.

Sign in to the Netflix app and select Downloads. Find the title you want to watch and select Play. For TV shows, select a show, then tap Play next to the episode you want to watch. Downloaded TV shows and movies are available on the device that was used to download them and can be viewed from any profile in your account. Downloads will expire after a period of time , and some have a limit on how many times they can be downloaded per year.

How to use ‘Download Next Episode’. How to change the video quality of a download. My downloaded title says ‘Expired. Netflix uses cookies and similar technologies on this website to collect information about your browsing activities which we use to analyse your use of the website. Learn more about our use of cookies and your information.

You can change your cookie preferences. Change your cookie preferences. Help Center. Join Netflix Sign In. Back to Help Home. A country must be selected to view content in this article. To download from Netflix, you need the latest version of the Netflix app on one of these devices: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch running iOS 9.

Select a TV show or movie. To save on data usage , download over Wi-Fi. Watch downloaded TV shows and movies To make sure you always have access to your downloads, we recommend remaining signed in to the Netflix app. Kids profiles may not be able to watch all downloaded TV shows and movies based on the maturity rating of the title.

Want to learn more about downloading on Netflix? Netflix Error NQL. Want to contact us? Call Us. Start Live Chat.



Netflix download windows 10 chitlin


You can use tablets to stream your movies. Tablets come with some specific technologies and designs to offer a smooth viewing experience. Portable radios, cell phones, and other such devices cannot be used during flight at any time. If there are any questions about a certain device, please ask an in-flight crew member.

You can download movies on the device from Amazon Prime Videos app or if you have Netflix with Wi-Fi connection, and then you can watch them when you have your tablet on Airplane Mode without Wi-Fi. AirFi is the company that is currently disrupting the airline IFE InFlight Entertainment and Onboard Sales industry by providing an out-of-the-box and same-day-fleet-wide solution for providing inflight engagement with your passengers in the aircraft!

Bluetooth is not, theoretically, compatible with planes. Instead, many firms try that much harder to compete. Beyond trying to make a better product, this often translates to a whole bunch of added value. Such special offers sit alongside highly competitive pricing from rivals as they seek to offer the best value to the consumer, which is a headache for finance directors up and down the land but great news for you and me.

The Huawei Watch has a circular screen and a cold-forged stainless steel bezel to help give it that premium look and design. The Night Clock also makes a return appearance, which shows the time, date and weather on the edge of the phone during set hours of the day. HTC also promised a refresh rate of 90Hz to deliver super-smooth visuals and help prevent motion sickness. To track the rotation of your head, the Vive has a built-in gyroscope, accelerometer and laser position sensor.

HTC says this should be able to track your movements on both axes to Vioth of a degree, so it should be extremely accurate. As for your game controller, Vive will use special VR controllers which sit in each hand. The position of these controllers is then tracked in space, allowing you to reach, open doors and shoot in supported games. We were on the ground in Barcelona to see it all. It follows on from the Galaxy Note Edge, which had a curved screen on one side of the display, but this time round Samsung has increased its efforts to make its titular sloping edges a more integral part of the handset.

The new cyan shade is particularly attractive, but they will also be available in white, black and bright orange, with either gloss or matt finishes depending on which colour you choose. The 5in Lumia is the smaller of the two handsets, but it has the same 1,x resolution as the 5. Each phone will be powered by a quad-core 1. Unsurprisingly, the Lumia XL also has a bigger battery, so it should be able to last longer throughout the day. The offer will be valid across all Windows tablets and PCs too, allowing you to seamlessly sync your Office docs on the move across all your devices.

The Xperia Z4 is just as slim, too, measuring an astounding 6. Its gorgeous 2,x1,resolution display is another key feature, giving it a pixel density of pixels per inch. This once again beats the iPad Air 2 by quite a large margin, so everything from films to photos should look razor sharp on the display.

It will also have 32GB of onboard storage and a microSD card slot to expand this even further. The Time improves on the original Pebble by adding a colour e-paper screen and voice control. Instead, you control it by tapping its various side buttons. The interface is a little different this time round, as notifications, news, reminders and events are now split into past, present and future, each of which is controlled by one of the three side buttons on the right of the watch.

This means you can view all upcoming appointments or go back in time to see an unread email without having to hunt through individual apps. This is where the colour e-paper screen really comes into its own, as you can assign different colours to each time category so you know where you are. Microsoft still has work to do before the OS can be considered complete. Windows is normally considered complete when it hits the Release to Manufacturing RTM milestone and is given to PC manufacturers for testing.

Microsoft is shelving the brand that has been used for all of its web browsers since Windows 10 will ship with the new Spartan browser, a lightweight app designed to run on everything from phones to workstation PCs.

At just To achieve such compact dimensions, Apple has ditched almost all the ports from around the sides, leaving a single USB3 Type-C connector to act as power, video and network all in one. The port also doubles as a microphone input, which will be useful for FaceTime calls. Apple has also redesigned the keyboard and touchpad, concentrating on thickness.

The old dome switches under the keys have been replaced with more accurate butterfly switches, which require less movement to register a key press. The keys now reach to the edge of the chassis, and each one is individually backlit. The new MacBook is the first Apple laptop with completely fanless construction, meaning silent operation. Apple has used an Intel Core M processor which typically runs at 1. That should translate to around nine hours of web browsing or 10 hours of video playback.

Finally, the new MacBook gains a Retina display screen. The FaceTime camera built into the screen surround has a disappointing p resolution; we would have liked to see p at least, especially considering the price. The console is powered by the Nvidia Tegra X1 processor unveiled earlier this year.

The core chip is the first mobile processor to offer a teraflop of throughput, according to Nvidia, and will be completed by 3GB of RAM. That will allow the console to output at resolutions of up to 4K at 60fps. Clearly conscious of the need for reliable streaming, the Shield has a high-end Wi-Fi chip that supports Games currently available through the Grid streaming service include the Batman: Arkham series.

An optional remote control is also available. Games can be rented individually or you can pay for a subscription that gives you access to all 50 or so titles in the Grid library. Subscription prices will be revealed when the console launches in May. Previous mobile Intel chips, such as the Bay Trail range, have separate wireless modems for use in 3G and 4G tablets, as well as smartphones. Having two chips is less power-efficient and more expensive, and makes it harder for Intel to compete with companies such as Qualcomm, with its Snapdragon integrated-modem SoCs.

All three are bit compatible, but their specifications differ significantly. Finally, the top-of-the-range quad-core x run at up to 1. This will presumably keep costs down and, coupled with the integrated modem, make Intel mobile processors particularly attractive for smartphone and tablet manufacturers.

Called Superfish, the nasty software injects adverts into websites, making SSL connections insecure. It was first noticed mid, but Lenovo said it had stopped shipping the software at the start of and had only ever installed it on consumer laptops. Even so, many laptops are still affected, as we found out thanks to a reader tip-off. We went through all the Lenovo laptops on show and looked for Superfish in the list of installed programs in Programs and Features, as well as for the Superfish trusted root certificate, which makes SSL insecure.

As the laptop was connected to the internet, we tested it using the Superfish vulnerability testing tool and received a warning message. PC World staff told us that a removal tool is available from Lenovo, and that the PC World Know How desk would check any Lenovo laptop purchase and remove Superfish before it left the store.

This means users with any of these products active will be automatically protected. We thank them for their quick response. Shortly after the system is first powered on the AV program will initiate a scan and then remove Superfish from the system. For systems which are re-imaged from the backup partition on the HDD Superfish will be removed in the same manner. For products already in use.

Superfish will be removed when their antivirus programs update. Anyone who restores their computer using the factory restore option will also restore Superfish. Lenovo says the same tactic as above waiting for the security software to update will remove the program. Lenovo is also working on creating clean factory restore partitions. For now, if you plan to buy a Lenovo laptop you have three choices.

First, you can go to a store and check if the demo unit is clean. Third, you can buy any other make of laptop instead. BT failed to excel in any of those areas, and scored particularly poorly for value and technical support. One good piece of news for BT was results for Plusnet. The best three scored top marks for customer service and technical support. Zen was rated as the best of the three for speed but the worst for value.

Freeview Play is, as the name suggests, a free-to-air on-demand and catch-up television service and is expected to launch this summer. Humax says it will offer two versions of its Freeview Play set-top box: a GB model that stores hours of television and a 1TB version that can store hours. The boxes will include Wi-Fi receivers for accessing the internet television services. Freeview Play is set to be built into smart televisions as well as set-top boxes. Panasonic previously announced plans to incorporate Freeview Play in its Viera range of smart televisions, and says it too will launch set-top boxes later.

Play will allow Freeview to make up lost ground with rival YouView, which has offered features such as on-demand playback and rewindable EPG in its YouView boxes for some time. The YouView platform has come to be dominated by BT and TalkTalk, both of which offer set-top boxes to customers who sign up for television services with their broadband.

Freeview is supported by a wider range of manufacturers that embed the free-to-air service into their own equipment. Freeview manufacturers have greater control over the user interface they offer their customers, whereas YouView boxes all offer a relatively uniform interface designed and modified by YouView itself. Nintendo has been fiercely protective of its much loved gaming franchises, reserving them almost exclusively for its own hardware.

Now the company is loosening the apron strings, potentially bringing Mario, Zelda and other legendary characters to third-party mobile devices. Nintendo president Satoru Iwata announced the partnership at a press conference in March, confirming that the companies will play a joint role in developing the new games. While most of the development will take place at Nintendo, DeNA will help the company build its online presence and provide back-end support with its extensive server infrastructure.

Those hoping for direct ports of classic titles such as Mario Kart will be disappointed, however. The first games are expected later this year, although both companies are keeping tight-lipped as to which titles we can expect to see.

Nintendo promised a full announcement about the NX next year. The company is offering a selection of SIM-only tariffs with big discounts for existing BT broadband customers. Piggy-backing on the EE network, BTs new service offers the same coverage but at cheaper rates. Customers can only downgrade once during their contract period, however.

At the moment, BT offers only standard roaming charges. In the EU, for example, calls cost Other networks offer similar deals, while Three lets you use your standard allowance abroad in a growing number of countries with its Feel At Home service. At least BT has its own SmartTalk app, which lets users make calls over Wi-Fi and charges them to your landline account.

Besides, BT Mobile customers get free calls to standard voicemail. This lets you make and receive mobile phone calls while on a Wi-Fi network. However, the company reported teething problems the technology last year. The company also has iOS and Android apps for managing your account, checking your current usage and putting caps in place if you wish.

The process could take many months, however, as the competition authorities are likely to be poring over the details of the takeover.

If its takeover of EE is approved, that journey will be a short one, with BT instantly becoming the biggest mobile network in the UK. Apple has simply named it MacBook, which may be confusing, but thanks to its wafer-thin I3mm and light 0. One of the main reasons the laptop is so thin and light is that it uses an Intel Core M processor – but how quick is this ultra-mobile chip in real-world use?

The result is a range of processors with low clock speeds but equally low power consumption and heat output. Some of the new chips even run at less than 1GHz – which may leave some consumers worrying that the new, expensive MacBook is more like a netbook. Other factors such as cooling, RAM and hard disk speed will have a small effect, but for our purposes the scores are accurate enough to give a good idea of how the MacBook will perform.

In our tests we measure how long each laptop takes to complete a set of benchmarks, including image editing, video encoding and multitasking tests. In real use, the laptop will be fine with simple tasks such as editing documents, watching videos and browsing web pages.

With a score three times higher than the Asus, the MacBook will cope fine with normal desktop applications. It takes a lot of processing power and favours processors with more cores.

As you can see from the graph, processors with only two cores struggle, hence the gulf between the MSI laptop and everything else. The MacBook looks somewhat slower here and will take an age to convert videos, render 3D objects and conduct other intensive tasks.

As a result, the spread is similar to that in the video encoding test, as this is the most challenging aspect. Our hypothetical MacBook performs relatively modestly here.

Disabling supersampling anti-aliasing and tessellation resulted in a much more playable 37fps average. AlienFX software lets you customise eight backlight zones, including four on the keyboard and the alien head logos on the front and back.

Things are even better when you open the lid, with a soft-touch, grippy black plastic coating the palm rest.

The keys are large, with plenty of grip and travel, which makes them equally suited to gaming and typing. Of the three models in the range, two use Intel Core i5 processors and the third has a Core i7. It managed an overall score of 33 in our benchmarks, peaking at 62 in our image-editing test but dropping to a leisurely 19 in the multitasking test.

Where this lack of power does help the Alienware 13 is in its battery life; it managed a staggering 7h 18m in our moderate usage test: almost unheard of for a gaming laptop.

Of course, expect battery life to be reduced significantly if you plan to play games on the move. It managed a respectable Metro: Last Light Redux was more of a struggle: the Alienware 13 managed only While You get three USB3 ports, two 3. On both occasions we had to run our benchmarks with the case open. We tested several graphics cards to see if performance was on a par with a conventional desktop.

For the most part it was, with minor deviations mostly explained by the laptop- grade Core is processor. The laptop would often continue to use its integrated graphics rather than the Graphics Amplifier when connected, fail to reactivate its own Nvidia graphics when disconnected, or ignore the Graphics Amplifier completely. AMD has released dedicated drivers that worked reliably during our testing.

Alienware is working on a single unified driver that should solve these problems, but until it arrives the workarounds involve unsupported beta drivers that delete all pre-existing Nvidia data. Even then you may run into problems when disconnecting the laptop from the Graphics Amplifier. As is often the case with Alienware products, though, the price is just a little too steep considering the specifications.

However, at this size we would be tempted to pick the Alienware 13 over any similarly sized rivals simply because it feels so well made. You can put it on the floor, as the cable is long enough to run from the floor up to a desk. All your peripherals, including the keyboard, mouse and monitor s , plug into the USB and video output connectors, and are instantly available as soon as you switch the laptop on. The chassis has an overall shape that does somewhat hark back to the original Xbox. There are a few other minor design issues as well, such as the upside down USB ports on the front.

One of the settings turns the lighting off completely. There are several customisable Vapor configurations with differing base specifications. The larger case does have its benefits, such as a more powerful graphics card. A desktop class Intel iK processor running at 3. This makes the Vapor K a decent choice for tasks beyond living-room gaming. Dirt Showdown at p saw Tomb Raider saw a silky In Metro: Last Light Redux the system produced The GTX is a great performer. While gaming and under load, the Vapor K is quite noisy, with the fans spinning quickly to keep the components cool.

A single screw hidden under a cap allows you to slide off the top cover. Both memory slots are occupied but you can easily swap these out to install up to 16GB of memory. The hard disk is mounted on a removable metal plate that also has a mm fan attached. This is installed over the graphics card, so will need to be removed first if you want to swap out the graphics card. There are also audio connections for up to 7. Our system was set to auto-start Steam in Big Picture mode as soon as Windows booted, but this is something you can disable if you prefer to boot into a conventional desktop.

The touchpad is also a welcome inclusion, but not something we would want to use for long periods of time. The Vapor K is a competent gaming PC in a compact form factor.

It runs a little hot and noisy for our liking, but overall the Vapor K is a fine choice if you want a living-room PC without compromise. The Zenbook UX is about as far from a gaming laptop as you can get, but we ran our Dirt Showdown p graphics benchmark anyway, just to stretch the integrated Intel HD Graphics It managed The premium-feeling yet reasonably priced Zenbook UX is a great success.

The stunningly thin 1. The advantages of such a low-power CPU are clear. We were happy to throw the Zenbook UX into a bag without worrying about it getting damaged. The keyboard is comfortable to use with grippy island keys leaving plenty of space for your fingers. We had no problems with missed keystrokes and were able to type quickly whether on the bus, at work or with our feet up on the sofa.

This lets you switch various two- and three-fingered gestures on and off, and turn off the tiresome Windows 8 gestures that activate if you accidentally swipe your finger from the edge of the touchpad. Our favourite gestures are the three-fingered down swipe that shows the desktop and the three-fingered left and right gestures that take you back and forward in the browser. The The UX did well in our multimedia benchmarks, scoring 42 in the image-rendering test.

Whether you opt for a grey, pink or blue unit, the lid is made from one solid colour. The palm rest and keyboard tray have a dotted pattern and blue gradient that is perhaps a bit toy-like for our tastes. Build quality is great for the price, with the chassis not giving way to our prods and attempts to bend it. The keyboard is decent enough. The white, island-style keys have a reasonable amount of travel and feel comfortable to type on for extended periods.

Taps and swipes on the touchpad are responsive, too, although we had problems with the physical buttons. Colour coverage is a meagre Horizontal viewing angles are fairly wide, and with a bit of hinge adjustment, the viewing experience is perfectly adequate for such a cheap laptop.

Office includes Microsoft Office Online, which is an excellent web-based suite with more features than Google Docs. You can also install the desktop version of the Office suite on your PC as Office includes a one-year licence for this, too. Windows 8. Neither laptop is particularly fast, but the Celeron is actually a little quicker when it comes to single-core focused tasks, such as basic web browsing.

It scored 30 in our old benchmarking tests, 13 more than the Asus laptop. However, because you should only expect to be doing simple tasks on a budget laptop, the faster single-core speed of the HP Stream 11 makes it a better overall proposition. The Stream 11 has a small performance advantage thanks to its higher clock speed, and the screen is marginally better.

However, this comes with a significant weight penalty. The Alpha looks more like a set-top box than a games console. The small black chassis lies horizontally and is smaller than the PS4 or Xbox One. The Alienware logo and front left corner light up in your choice of colours, but they can be turned off. We connected a PlayStation 3 and had no latency issues. The Alpha has to be turned on to act as a pass-through, however.

Upgrading components is surprisingly easy. Removing a few screws on the bottom lets you pop off the top cover, exposing two fans. One is for the non-upgradable graphics card, but removing the other exposes the CPU heatsink and RAM, both of which you can swap out. Removing the bottom cover lets you access the hard disk, which again can be popped out and replaced with another 2y2in drive.

An SSD would be a worthwhile upgrade over the standard 5,rpm mechanical hard disk. The Alpha Ul aims to provide a console- like experience, but the Alpha is still a full Windows 8. Gaming performance is top-notch, but the promise of a console-like experience falls short. Forcing Windows 8. As it stands, the Alienware Alpha has a lot of unfulfilled potential, but it will be interesting to see how it does with SteamOS in the future.

The system boots into this mode by default after the initial setup process. Big Picture mode is really a stopgap until Steam releases its own operating system, SteamOS, which is expected later this year alongside Steam Machine consoles. For now. Big Picture mode is a good compromise. It achieved With an sRGB colour accuracy score of The only advantage it has over its flat rivals is that the concave screen will never fall flat on the ground if you drop it, potentially leading to fewer shattered screens – but undoubtedly more smashed corners.

Unsurprisingly, anything more violent will leave permanent damage. The plastic coating does a reasonable job of disguising any leftover scratches due to the sheer number of fingerprints it picks up, but when it catches the light every scratch is clear to see. Its web browsing score of 4, was particularly high – almost 1, points ahead of both Samsung handsets. As a result, the G Flex 2 coped well with complex web pages and we were able to pan round and zoom in on articles with ease. We noticed a few stuttering animations on the Android 5.

It was certainly quick to lock on to targets, but colours looked rather cool in our test shots. This made some of our photos look a little wintry, particularly in areas of shadow, but we were pleased to see very little noise, and areas of brickwork were pleasantly detailed. Our main concern is the price. Its graphics performance was also good, maxing out our 3DMark Ice Storm Extreme test and scoring a massive 23, or an average of Swapping it for different coloured bands or transparent grip shells adds some style and personality.

Moto Display, for instance, shows the time and small notification icons when you pick up the phone with the screen off. You can jump to the notifications by sliding your finger up toward the top of the screen, or ignore them by swiping left or right.

Admittedly, the Android 5. Follow Me, for instance, sends the current location to select contacts at specified intervals, so concerned family members know where you are. Meet Me, on the other hand, sends texts to contacts telling them where to meet you. It worked well when we tried it so it should give you extra peace of mind if your child is out with friends unsupervised. If you want to capture a photo quickly, you can twist the phone back and forth in your wrist to activate the rearmegapixel camera.

Fortunately, the rest of the phone has received several much-needed improvements. The faster quad-core 1. Web browsing was equally impressive, as we were able to load and scroll down web pages with hardly any lag, and panning and zooming in were judder-free.

A faster processor also means better graphics performance. The Moto E produced It will struggle with more complex 3D games, as it managed only This is more than three hours longer than the original Moto E, which already set a fairly high battery life standard for budget phones. The Moto G still has a few advantages. Blue and magenta were a little short, but the rest of its colour coverage was evenly spread across the gamut, producing warm, vivid colours.

Blacks were deep at 0. The Motorola Moto E 2nd Gen. It may not have the best camera and the Moto apps could be easier to set up, but with 4G, fantastic battery life and Android 5. However, while the Desire looked rather cheap and tacky, with copious glossy plastic, the Desire has a soft-touch matt chassis that not only looks much smarter than its predecessor but also feels much better made.

This makes the added height less of a problem, as the phone is comfortable to hold and the superb build quality is more in keeping with its price. Not all have a matt finish, but the additional colours add some personality. With a peak brightness of The Desire is powered by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon processor running at 1. Sadly, image quality has actually worsened from last year. In practice, however, we noticed the odd judder and delay when swiping up and down web pages, which did get frustrating.

The Desire produced an average of just In Epic Citadel, it managed an average frame rate of only This should still be enough to get you through the day, but when the Desire lasted just over 11 hours, we were hoping for a little more from its successor. It had a slight tendency to overexpose the sky and clouds in very bright conditions, but overall we were pleased with the quality of our photos.

It has a decent camera, but there are plenty of cheaper phones that offer much better value, such as the second-gen Moto G and even the latest Moto E see page The Venue 8 is different.

At just 6. The screen has slim bezels on three sides, but the bottom bezel is significantly larger. RealSense uses three cameras to measure depth in photos. This gives you access to fancy effects such as selective focus, the ability to apply effects to certain areas of the photo and even to measure the length and area of various objects in the frame.

The main camera sits at the bottom of the tablet with the two depth cameras above it. This immediately causes a problem, as your hand will probably obscure the camera whether you hold it in portrait or landscape mode. We found the best way to take a photo was to grip the tablet with our fingertips, but this meant we obscured some of the screen. Daylight images showed accurate contrast but significant noise, and noise reduction led to some smudginess.

Low-light photos were nothing special either and we had trouble taking a sharp, shake-free shot under indoor lighting. We had some fun with the depth sensors, however. We particularly liked the ability to drain colour from an image depending on how far objects were from the camera.

We turned a group of three people – with each standing slightly behind the other – into two people and a ghostly black and white apparition. In one test photo, the camera was convinced that a toy samurai warrior one foot from the camera was taller than a person standing eight feet away, which rather messed up the artistic effect we were trying to achieve. The measurement tool is potentially very useful. We managed to measure a person accurately when they were standing bolt upright, but a 12in ruler was around three inches out, and one side of a painting was measured as twice as long as another.

Fancy camera aside, the Venue 8 is an impressive tablet. It managed a fast ms in the SunSpider javaScript test, but we noticed some lag when scrolling around web pages and occasional stuttering in animations when opening and closing apps.

The tablet currently runs Android 4. There are also rumours that the Samsung tablet will get its update to Android Lollipop in April. It may not beat the Samsung competition for value, but if you want a tablet that you can really show off, the Dell Venue 8 is a good choice. It wins a Recommended award. A digital spirit level helps keep the camera straight, and you get face detection with eye priority.

Continuous shooting is quoted at 8fps, or at 3. As with all Olympus CSCs, optical stabilisation is built into the sensor so it works with any lens.

You can also customise the Auto ISO mode and offset white balance presets, but these functions could be easier to locate. The touchscreen could have provided quicker access to the whole set.

Wi-Fi implementation is excellent. This one goes much further, with the ability to adjust the zoom, set the drive mode, exposure mode, white balance and exposure settings, as well as tag images with GPS metadata. Best of all is the ability to touch the screen to define the autofocus point; a crucial feature for portraits.

The preview image in the app updates for the duration of the exposure, starting off dark and sharp and gradually superimposing additional layers of the image. Autofocus takes just 0. We timed 0. Continuous shooting was at 7.

For Raw, it slowed to 2. Enabling continuous autofocus gave a 3. Support for manual exposure and touchscreen-powered spot focus is welcome, but the fixed 30fps frame rate will deter keen videographers. So too will the slightly coarse details compared to p footage from Panasonic G-series cameras. Noise levels are impressively low at ISO , though, and overall quality is more than up to scratch for casual use.

The lens performed superbly, with sharp focus into the corners of frames and little evidence of chromatic aberrations. Low-res copies for online sharing look respectable all the way up to IS0 16, – a superb result. With the help of a slim lens cap, the camera measures just 67mm front to back. The E-PL7 is available with the older M. Zuiko Digital mm The flipside is that the E-PL7 can accommodate a more substantial flashgun or be used to trigger wireless flash systems. The controls are highly customisable, with the ability to redefine most buttons, and to set the default function for the command dial in each of the four exposure modes.

We were able to set the shutter speed, aperture and exposure compensation and still leave the NX1 to adjust the overall exposure level using automatic ISO speed.

The touchscreen and phase-detect points deliver responsive, highly controllable autofocus. It may fall behind the Fujifilm X-T1 for image quality in low light, and the Panasonic GH4 narrowly clings on to its crown as the best camera for video, but if you need one camera for both tasks, the NX1 is our top choice. The megapixel sensor offers the highest resolution to date for an APS-C sized sensor, and includes autofocus points for lightning-fast autofocus. The magnesium alloy body is weather sealed and covered with buttons and dials.

There are dual command dials plus a rear wheel for direct access to exposure settings. The wheel can be assigned to exposure compensation or ISO speed, among other options. A button on the back accesses Wi-Fi functions. NFC is built in, and the NX1 also includes Bluetooth, which establishes a constant connection between the camera and Android device. That means image transfers and the remote viewfinder mode can be launched directly from the app. We measured Shooting with a Vsoos shutter, it managed Raw capture lasted for 20 frames before slowing to 2fps.

Tracking accuracy is excellent. The camera performs well in normal use, too, taking one second to switch on and capture a photo. Autofocus is responsive, but occasionally it was flummoxed by a scene and was unable to focus at all. Shot-to-shot times in Single drive mode were 0. Full power flash shots were just 1. Selecting p adds 50 and 60fps capture, plus lOOfps and fps with slow motion playback.

Recordings are up to 30 minutes, but only to SDXC cards. Videos are encoded in HEVC format, which keeps file sizes down, but at the expense of compatibility. None of the Windows editing software we tried could handle these files, and barely any playback software could either.

The base itself is a wireframe divided into two asymmetrical sections, with the surface of the desk visible. When the monitor is switched off, the bezels are only 1mm thick, which is astonishingly thin. These are often expensive extras, though, so whether this is a problem for you will depend on how you work.

The rear of the monitor is coated in a shiny white plastic we think looks a bit cheap. This means things will look untidy if you have your monitor facing away from clients.

However, stylish monitors rarely add this practical feature. At this price you should be expecting wide colour gamut coverage to get the most out of high quality Ultra HD images and video, and it delivers just that. Images with vibrant colours are faithfully represented onscreen, with detail bursting from the small nuanced shades of high- resolution photographs. We measured sRGB colour gamut coverage at Black levels were decent at 0.

Switching to the Graphics colour preset improved this to K, and also improved contrast slightly to As a consumer-level monitor there are no promises of professional-grade accurate colours, but in our sRGB colour accuracy tests the SHK managed some truly outstanding scores.

We measured the average Delta E where a lower score is better at 1. Fifty follows four ish-year-old women based in Lagos, Nigeria. In , Fifty actually became a TV series , so the drama continues. This supernatural thriller follows friends who get seven years good luck by invoking a spirit from a mystical sculpture. You know where this is going, right? Things get dark really quickly. Events Innovation Festival.

Follow us:. By Starr Rhett Rocque 4 minute Read. But then Nollywood went global. For fans of: The Best Man or any wedding caper movie. Lost in London This is a comedy about two Nigerian students who are selected for an exchange program in London. For fans of: Coming to America or Student Exchange Love Is War All is fair in love and war, until a loving couple have to face off against each other for the office of state governor.

Smith Fifty Fifty follows four ish-year-old women based in Lagos, Nigeria. The Figurine This supernatural thriller follows friends who get seven years good luck by invoking a spirit from a mystical sculpture. For fans of: Tales From the Hood.


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