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5 Best Free Mastering Plugins (UPDATED: ).

Mixing is the process of bringing together multiple tracks. With this tool, you can easily make EQ adjustments to your audio files. SoftClipper Preview.


10 Best Free Mastering Software & VST Plugins – Create Professional Sounding Tracks.


So, we thought it might be fun to open with something dramatic. Limiting in general a critical component of the mastering phase. It is self-adaptive, and it is versatile, to the point where you could use it on individual tracks and busses — not just masters. Frontier is easy to use and highly flexible given its somewhat limited array of controls.

Its key features include configurable control input, automatic output gain makeup, controllable release characteristic, optional soft clip, tag based preset browser, MIDI-learn functionality, and bit internal processing. For you, that means being able to dial in your perfect sound quickly and easily. Download: D16 Group Audio Software. As you might be able to tell from its appearance, though, it does quite a bit more. This five-module limiter features an RMS compressor, peak limiter, high-frequency limiter, clipper, and true peak limiter for unparalleled control.

Whether you need to create more clarity in your mix or boost its loudness, this limiter can do a lot to bring your music to life. Download: Tokyo Dawn Records. Download: Voxengo. Its various features make it great for mixing and mastering — automatic gentle resonances taming, de-essing, and tilt equalizing.

The fact that it will help calm brash frequencies and smooth out a mix are what make it so attractive in my mind. The MAnalyzer is an advanced spectral analyzer and sonogram with features like smoothing, normalization, super-resolution, prefiltering, and deharmonization. Download: MeldaProduction.

It gives you the ability to manipulate dynamic ranges to surprising extents while maintaining the original tone, timbre, and punch of the signal. That makes it highly usable for stereo bus compression, among other things.

Users say Kotelnikov is on par with hardware compressors, and some even described it as the most transparent mastering compressor available. Each of these feature distinct EQ curves and behaviors. The auto gain automatically compensates for changes or perceived loudness. The switchable EQ non-linearity and output stage with four saturation models can give your mixes and masters subtle character, personality, and texture. A1StereoControl comes with a vector-based design. That said, this plugin is kind of magical in what it does.

Overall, users found this stereo utility plugin to be efficient, stable, and versatile. And with so many similar stereo imaging plugins available, many still turn to this one.

That said, you can use extreme settings to achieve dirty and dense distortion effects on individual tracks too. IVGI reacts dynamically to the input signal, and stereo tracks can benefit from its modeled crosstalk behavior. You can easily dial in your favorite sounds using the drive, output, ASYM mix, and response dials, as well as the VU-mode, trim, and X-talk controls. Many producers feel Klanghelm is among one of the best developers of plugins, and we find it hard to argue with that.

Give IVGI a try! Download: Klanghelm. Mastering software varies from analyzers to de-essers. But what are the key effects used at mastering stage? Which ones should you make sure you have access to? Here are some of the most used effects at the mastering stage this is not a comprehensive list. Chances are you will be doing a lot of touchup work — notching out the frequencies that are a little much, and maybe bringing out the frequencies that need some extra help.

Compression is another obvious choice at the mastering phase. But again, what matters most is in how you use it. You will often see them using compression because of the unique character it provides to a track, or maybe to smooth out some of the transients.

The limiter. This is a crucial piece of kit for getting the levels and loudness right. That said, this is not the only way to use a limiter.

De-essers often come before compression in the signal chain and are generally used to treat unruly frequencies and of course, sibilance.

In many mixes, highs are often boosted on vocals, and percussion tends to have naturally occurring brashness. A de-esser is great for addressing issues with specific tracks. They usually come with some decent mastering software. Last Updated on January 4,


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