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Thanks to that we receive even more spectacular battles that can surprise us with its vastness. Install Game. Then in the story mode, you can complete mini-games which allow you to level up Goku and make him even stronger.


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However, this game delivers this familiar format with an instantly recognisable Dragonball aesthetic and uses varied game mechanics to keep the action fresh. The developers have taken the time to replicate a series of important scenes, fights and moves from the anime which help to deliver an authentic story that essentially sticks to the events of the anime with little differentiation. These side-scrolling adventures often tend to be very predictable. You go from A to B, you kick and push your way through bad guys and there is very little else of substance in between.

However, the game mixes up the gameplay to keep things fresh throughout. This plays out in a Tekken style battle with mechanics, moves, animations and sounds that have been adapted for the change in format. This is almost like delivering two games in one package and it has to be commended not just for providing this, but for doing each aspect very well indeed.

There are also aspects added to this title that keep the player engaged for even longer. Plus, if you have a GBA link cable, you can battle against your friends with your preferred character of choice. All these aspects not only offer players replay value in abundance, but they also showcase just how much care and attention went into making this title. This game is truly a testament to what the GBA was capable of. Not only do you get a story mode that honours the original canon.

You also get a fighting game within it that is just as competent as a game that made this its sole focus. The art style is flawless, the sound and animations are brilliant and the only real criticism one can have for this title is that perhaps it would have been a much better platformer of fighter if either was the sole focus.

Though, perhaps this is wishful thinking. Browse games Game Portals. Now, even though the cartoon has taken a back seat in our lives, we can still enjoy the elements of the series and even live their journey with the characters of the series. We would be lying if we said that we never even for once thought about how great it would be if we could join Goku and the others in their journey.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot brings to us this opportunity to fulfill our childhood dream. This is a video game that traces and lets us experience the journey of the hit cartoon series characters and the various challenges that they had to overcome to get hold of the seven dragon balls.

It is available in its single-player mode only and belongs to the genre of role-playing as well as that of action. In this journey, he encounters many more people and goes on different adventures. This game lets you not only join the characters in their journeys, but also live their journey by proxy. The game lets you relive your days of childhood and that too in an even more fun way. If you still have questions about how to play the game or what the game has to offer to you, you can read on and check out our following segments about the gameplay and the features of the game.

Dragon Ball Z Kakarot is available to be played in a single-player mode only. The game we are discussing right now is just one of the installments in the gaming series of Dragon Ball Z games. This particular installment has some improvements over the last installments that make the whole gaming experience of the player.

Here the game no longer remains an action-adventure game, but becomes a role-playing game as well. You can thus not only fight and win battles in the game, but also roam about in the world of the game and indulge in other activities such as fishing and so on. The game thus has a semi open-world structure. There are a total of four stages in the game. The first is the Saiyan Saga followed by the Namek Saga.

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