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Logic pro x horizontal zoom shortcut free download. Scroll and zoom in the Tracks area in Logic Pro

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Jul 08,  · To make a long story short, i just want Logic to return to the previous zoom state when i press Z to zoom out again, instead of fitting all notes on the screen. Just like when you press CTRL + OPTION and Zoom in on a specific part, when you press this keycombination again it zooms out to the previous window state. Mar 09,  · Logic Pro X: How to Zoom in and out Using Key Commands or Keyboard Shortcutsreplace.me those who want to know how to ZOOM In and Out Author: Music Tech Training Centre. That is why I made this extensive guide on all the main Zoom Shortcuts (Key Commands) I personally use when composing, producing and working in Logic Pro X. PS. Feel free to Bookmark this Page for future reference! =) 1. Zoom to Selection or All Content (Z) The main way to zoom into a selected part in your project is to use the key command (Z).Estimated Reading Time: 3 mins.

Logic pro x horizontal zoom shortcut free download

To scroll horizontally in Logic Pro, drag the horizontal scroll bar in the Tracks area menu bar. Drag left to scroll to an earlier part of the project, or drag. Cmd+Up. Zoom Vertical Out ; Cmd+Down. Zoom Vertical In ; Z · Zoom to Fit Selection or All ; ` (back tick). Catch Playhead ; Ctrl+`. Scroll in Play.


Logic pro x horizontal zoom shortcut free download

This functionality is super cool for the situation when you forget to hit the record button. Set Nudge to 10ms. Tips for Collaborating with Apple Logic X. Learn more Sign up. Premium Mix Training.


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